June 15, 2024

Volkswagen joins their forces with Microsoft to develop a new media interface


The Wolfsburg-based company officially announced that a new partnership its about to be signed. This time, Volkswagen will team up with Microsoft in order to create a new, more efficient and attractive media interface able to enhance driving pleasure and provide a bunch of new cutting edge features.


The Americans from Microsoft are not at the first partnership of this kind, as they already developed systems such Sync for Ford or Blue&Me for Fiat.

Microsoft will also gain some help from the people at e.solutions, the company that currently delivers technology solutions for the Germans. The main goal for the German manufacturer is to build an impressive interface facilitating high speed data transfer and a high storage capacity.

The special platforms that are currently under development will also provide connectivity to the most important devices such as mobile phones, iPod, iPad, Bluetooth and more. Analyzing the official statements we should expect an innovative media interface able to provide a very fast connectivity and transfer speed alongside high capacity storage.

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