April 19, 2024

VW CrossPolo to debute in Europe

Volkswagen CrossPolo will debut on European markets during this month. Three months ago, the model was presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

VW CrossPolo

Volkswagen officials are preparing to start the CrossPolo’s sales model, which debuted this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The new Volkswagen CrossPolo debuted in Geneva with the new Polo GTI. The model is offered with engines that develop 70 to 105 hp. Customers can choose between three diesel engines and three otto engines. Two of the six engines can be equipped with seven-speed DSG transmission. The entry-level version in the CrossPolo range is the 1.2-liter engine developing 70 hp and is followed by a unit of 85 hp and 1.4 liter.

VW CrossPolo

The top of the engines is the gasoline one, the 1.2 liter TSIthat offers 105 hp. The 1.2 TSI version of CrossPolo accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 9.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 188 km/h and has a consumption of only 5.5 liters of fuel per cent of kilometers.

VW CrossPolo

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