April 22, 2024

VW’s Golf blue-e-motion revealed in depth

The people from Volkswagen revealed in depth the electric version of Golf, a best-seller model for the Germans. Expected to debut in about three years, the Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-motion features an electric engines able to develop slightly over 100 horses, 150 to be more exatly.

Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-motion
Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-motion

The German model comes with a LED light which works while charging such as other devices that requirs charging. The lithium-ion battery that equips the Golf Blue-e-motion weights 315 kilograms and is located under the floor of the model.

Thanks to the performance provided by the electric engine the model manages to issue 0 CO2 emissions while the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 11,8 seconds. Using the fully charged battery, the Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-motion offers a driving range of 150 kilometers. The load capacity of the electric Golf is around 275 liters, the lithium-ion battery being positioned under the floor in order to obtain a better load and passangers space.

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