Joss JP1 unveiled

Petrolhead, Australia. I don’t know if a city like this actually exists or not but if it did, a local holiday would be brewing about now. Why? Well because after countless rumors and warnings about the production of the Joss JP1, Australia’s first supercar was unveiled today. With the unveiling of the final aspect of [...]

Joss JP1 – Australia’s supercar comes closer to production

The supercar game is very difficult to get into, even if you’re a company with great success on the racetracks around the world. Nobody proves this better than Joss who, in making their JP1, have had years go by to reach today’s point where just a few hurdles stand between them and production of their [...]

Production of the Joss supercar is nearing it’s start

Since the Australians over at Joss have announced that they reached an agreement with a supplier for a gearbox and drive system, this being pretty much the final piece of the jigsaw production of the JP1 supercar is expected to begin soon. No actual dates of production or delivery have been published by the first [...]

Joss supercar rumored to get Mercedes engine

It would seem that startup supercar makers are pretty much letting go of the tradition to fit Big Blocks from Detroit in their mid-engined rockets and turning to the Germans instead. The Pagani Zonda led the way with power coming from Mercedes, then the floodgates opened up and German engines found homes in stuff such [...]

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