BMW X6 M wearing Vorsteiner clothing

I am a BMW fan but I reckon that even so, I will almost never come to terms with the way the BMW X6 looks. It’s so unnatural, it’s like a Swedish bikini model that’s taken up bodybuilding. If I were ever to like some sort of “evening gown” in which it’d look good it [...]

Rendered BMW X6 M by Vosteiner

Unfortunately, I have to start this post by saying that the tuning kit doesn’t really exist in reality, it is kind of a concept and the photos that we got in this post are just some official preview renderings coming from Vorsteiner which is an U.S. tuning firm. By adding a carbon fiber front spoiler, [...]

Photo and details about the BMW X6 M tuned by Nowack Motors

How sound a tuning kit axed on the engine part for a sport version of a car? More exactly, this BMW X6 has the M sport package on it but this tuning is axed on the engine part making this BMW X6 M by Nowack Motors to have very high performances. From the original output [...]

News about BMW X6 M upgraded by Hamann

We have here a pretty powerful car prepared for Geneva Auto Show, I’m talking about a BMW X6 M equipped by Hamann with a 4.4 liter turbocharged engine, obviously for those customers that want power. I’m telling you with a great excitement that Hamann with that HM670 tuning kit made this BMW X6 M a [...]

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