Chrysler Delta to hit the UK soon

Chrysler released specifications and photos of the new Delta, a model which enters the British market bearing Chrysler’s range and brings no significant changes comparing to the Lancia model. Actually, the American company decided to sell the models under the Chrysler brand in the UK, the new Delta being scheduled to hit the British showrooms [...]

Lancia Delta Special Edition going on sale in Europe

Lancia is a brand of great tradition that is slowly dying on a small shelve in the back of the great big Fiat cupboard. In order to prevent this slow elimination the father company keeps releasing new versions of these cars to remind us it there is still some life in it. The new version [...]

Photos and details about the 2010 Lanica Delta Serie Speciale

I must admit that if someone would stop me on the street and would ask me to say anything about this auto maker, I wouldn’t know to say anything but now we’re going to find out exactly what is this 2010 Lancia Delta Serie Speciale able to do. We know that this 2010 Lancia Delta [...]

Fiat 500 Electric Version at Detroit

Fiat 500 electric version will be introduced at the International Auto Show in Detroit in the Chrysler stand. Along with it will be this presented the entire range of Fiat 500. Americans from Chrysler will present, in world premiere, a 100% electric version of Fiat 500 at Auto Show in Detroit. Besides, people at Chrysler [...]

Lancia Delta delayed

Like many other automakers, Lancia has some financial difficulties and decided to delay the UK launch of their new model, Lancia Delta. This is not good news for anyone and the delay could turn into a cancellation. Obviously, the main reasons is the US recession and world wide economic crisis, says the spokesman of Fiat [...]

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