2013 Nissan Altima gets five star safety rating

The NHTSA is the sort of authority that keeps itself busy doing all sorts of things, most of which we approve of for our safety and some which are simply annoying. They do get their fair share of pats on the back, particularly for stuff like these crash tests. They’re cool because of the resulting [...]

Peugeot 301 humbly steps into Paris Motor Show

The dust has pretty much settled over the Paris Motor Show stands so we can talks about some of the less expensive and concept-like cars that were there. The Peugeot 301 is a classic example of the situation. It’s far from the RCZ-R sports car and on a different level from the Onyx supercar. Despite [...]

2013 Cadillac ATS gallery and future plans

Now that Cadillac have send the new 2013 ATS sedan into production, the Americans seem to have gotten things in order and their planning attention turned to a new place. Designing, engineering, arranging production and all that lot for the 2013 Cadillac ATS had a pretty serious target in its sights. It’s usually the BMW [...]

2013 Lexus LS leaked

We’re mildly interested in this new leak. I would use excited about the idea of a major manufacturer teasing a new car but this is a special case. The manufacturer in question is Lexus, that’s where most of the interest and excitement wears off. For all those freemasons out there, that might not happen. That’s [...]

Chevrolet Malibu headed for Australia

Chevrolet’s medium segment sedan, the 2013 Malibu is about to get a bit of a change in its life. It’s not a facelift, not a special edition and it’s not even a recall. Thankfully for everybody involved, the only thing that’ll change in the life of the Malibu is the badge going on the front [...]

2013 Ford Mondeo spied in Europe

Though it’s not exactly a surprise, the next generation of the Ford Mondeo was spied in Europe wearing the newly designed skin of the 2013 Fusion. In shifting over from the United States to Europe, the exterior look of the sedan has remained pretty much untouched but the interior and engines haven gone through a [...]

Lexus looking into moving ES production to the States

Well here’s a surprise, large corporations owning car makers are now thinking of moving production to, instead of away from, the United States of America. In this case it’s a brand that’s very important to the American market, namely Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus. They’re thinking about the ES sedan to make the shift. Obviously, there [...]

Cadillac XTS debut officially announced

After touting quite a few horns about it to the motoring press, it’s time Cadillac took its XTS and sent it into battle with its fists in the air and looking for a score to settle. That score is with the evergreen Lincoln Town Car and the business-like market it has been dominating since… well, [...]

Suzuki Swift turned into a sedan in India

The Indian market is, well, special. For a country under serious economic boom, it’s not exactly filling up with Rolls Royce models and other land barges. That said, manufacturers all over the world are working themselves overtime in order to bring the Indians newer, more modern cars and larger cars altogether. A prime example of [...]

1980 Ferrari Pinin Concept to soon go on sale

It may come as a bit of a shock to some of you but Ferrari did make a four door sedan. It was built in 1980, it was called the Ferrari Pinin and, thankfully, it was only a concept. This very wrong special Ferrari sedan was built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pininfarina, a [...]

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