Hyundai Elantra sets new sales record in US

We still love to think of Hyundai as having come out of nowhere. They’re still that small brand that seems to have always made poor cars. Nowadays and for the last couple of years or so, their rise to power seems to equal that of a fanatic dictator who will stop at nothing. In his [...]

2014 Mazda6 pricing announced

It is true, it’s going on sale, it’s now a production model and we’re finally getting close to seeing it on the road. That’s the elusive new Mazda6. For the 2014 modelyear it will be hitting the market very, very early next year, on the 2nd of January 2013. This is a special announcement on [...]

2015 Honda Fit will get more versions

While we’re all dreaming of Bugatti Veyron convertibles and all sorts of luxury manufacturers are fighting for sales, Honda is the company to keep things real. Few might now it but Honda is truly special among Japanese car makers since their origin and history is not a clinical, corporate affair. The practice it cheers on [...]

2013 Ford Focus aces safety tests

Ford’s 2013 Focus is keeping in tradition with previous generations of the hatchback and manages to set the bar even higher than before. Undeniably, some of its edgy looks have faded away and some of its youthful exuberance has gone away. The first generation this ain’t. Not going back to its roots hasn’t curbed its [...]

Lexus HS 250h makes a comeback – not in the US

Lexus is run by Toyota. Toyota is run by a set of people you’d call clever to say the least. After all they run a very profitable business. Having thought along these lines you have to wonder, why on Earth are they doing with this newest version of the Lexus HS 250h? In the US [...]

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