October 7, 2022

2009 Porsche Panamera

2009 Porsche Panamera

This is another amazing car from Porsche, but at the same time, it has some minuses that I will talk  about them to you, later in this post. First of all, I have to say that 2009 Porsche Panamera have been released at the Geneva Auto Show, the same place where the pictures from this post were taken.

Another cool fact at 2009 Porsche Panarema is that it will be available as a full electric car. It is the first full electric car built by Porsche and I think that they did a very good favor to the planet. The full electric model will have the same performances of the normal 2009 Porsche Panamera but it will be quieter.

2009 Porsche Panamera will have a V8 engine that will develop 400 horsepower (the wickest) and 520 horsepower (the most powerful). The price of a 2009 Porsche Panamera will start from $90,000. Anyway, I think that the best choice would be the full electric model.

2009 Porsche Panamera2009 Porsche Panamera2009 Porsche Panamera

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