May 30, 2024
Alfa Romeo Tuning

Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa Romeo MiTo

The Alfa Romeo MiTo will be available in the United Kingdon at the beginning of 2009. This small car can offer you a maximum of 230 bhp with the 1750 cc engine. Now, the Marangoni tuning company has something else to offer.

The Mito M430 was launched at the Essen Motor Show with a two color paint, red and white. Believe it or not, the new Alfa Romeo MiTo was equipped with Lambo doors and Swarovski crystals. Unlike the stock 1.4 L turbocharged engine which develops 155 bhp, the one installed by Marangoni can reach 220 horse power. This value is close to the power of the 1.7 engine which was created by Alfa Romeo.

Either way, the car is beautiful and many people would like to own such a town car. Let’s take a look at the stock version of the Alfa Romeo MiTo.

Alfa Romeo MiTo

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