May 21, 2024

Audi shows off custom versions of the A1

Custom Audi A1

Audi have got something special in store for their A1 supermini as they are preparing it for this year’s edition of the Wörthersee GTI Tour.

Custom Audi A1
Custom Audi A1

The Wörthersee GTI Tour will take place in Reifnitz, Austria, on May 12 and that’s when we will see the revealing of the seven Audi A1 custom made.

What are these custom versions? Well the list includes a model wearing a “FC Bayern” livery, a taxi, a police variant and even one sporting hot rod-ish looks.

Sacrilege brought to the world of hot rod enthusiast by an European car maker who applied the traditional style to one of it’s minuscule cars? Well not so, the hot rod Audi A1 features a matt-finish look, steel wheels with the must have for any car of the day: white-wall tires and an extremely low ride height (air suspension anyone?).

What about the rest of the line? Well there is a very cutesy looking fashion model which looks great without having to many accessories added and there’s also a “competition kit” that brings back the nostalgia of Audi rally vehicles from the ’80s. Haven’t had enough? How about a version entitled the “Wasserwacht” model that’s dedicated to the local water rescue service; we couldn’t have the police be the only authority to get displayed on these cars.

At the Wörthersee GTI Tour you will be able to see these special versions of the Audi A1 and the new Audi R8 GT, an Ice Silver A8, the facelifted TT Roadster and the TT Coupé along side the new RS5 Coupe.

Custom Audi A1 Custom Audi A1 Custom Audi A1

Custom Audi A1 Custom Audi A1 Custom Audi A1

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