April 15, 2024

Blue Bugatti Veyron in Dubai – Special Edition

Special Edition Blue Bugatti Veyron

One of the most exclusivist cars these days is, for sure, the special edition blue Bugatti Veyron. This exquisite car exists in only 300 units and one of the lucky people who own one, it’s a man named Mohammad Yousuf Baqer, who was spotted with the new acquisition in a mall, in Dubai. Apparently, the standard Bugatti Veyron is too common these days.

As we could tell from the plaque inside the car, this vehicle is specially modified with a #297 chassis, has chrome mirrors, the grill has a totally new and improved design, Hermes Edition style wheels and the Ettore Bugatti logo printed on each door. As much as we can try to explain in words the greatness of this car, you can only truly appreciate it if you see one in person. Giving the fact that only Mr. Baqer and 299 other people have the opportunity to do that, we have to try to appreciate it by looking at the picture above.

Special Edition Blue Bugatti VeyronSpecial Edition Blue Bugatti VeyronSpecial Edition Blue Bugatti Veyron - Interior

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