April 12, 2024

BMW CLR X650 M Lumma with details and photos

I think there is no man on the planet to say that BMW X6 M is ugly so think about a more cooler BMW X6 M namely the BMW CLR X650 M Lumma. The car is pure and simple awesome, talking about the design but there are also some engine upgrades.

BMW X6 M was able to develop up to 547 horsepower but after the upgrade made by Lumma tuners, this BMW CLR X650 M Lumma is able to develop up to 641 horsepower and also maximum torque of 612 lb-ft which makes me belive that this car was built for army.

The top speed of this BMW CLR X650 M Lumma is at 312 km/h. also, the suspension has been lowered by 40 mm and combined with 23 inch Blackline Monoblock wheels, it looks perfect. The upgrades can easily be noticed in the photos from this post.

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