June 24, 2024
BMW Mini

BMW selling its soul to the FWD devil?

BMW FWD render

We already know that BMW is working on some sort of new front wheel drive car, but a recent rumor has enthusiasts almost livid.

BMW FWD render
BMW FWD render

Before all is said and done, there are two sides of the story, and I do mean it. No matter how big a BMW enthusiast I may sometimes be I completely understand the Bavarians’ efforts.

The idea is not that BMW would turn either of their core products into front wheel driven cars for varying purposes. The point of the new BMW FWD models is simple.

BMW wants to make the Mini brand and the platform the company uses more profitable. This means that future BMW FWD models will appear but they will be completely new. Those who were worried about the BMW 1 Series or 3 Series becoming front wheel drive can rest easy.

Mini Cooper S
Mini Cooper S

So what exactly are the new models going to be? According to some chaps from the German Car Forum, we should expect a new compact roughly the size of the Mini to start with and another two models later.

It’s those other two models that are interesting. It seems that BMW are still willing to explore new territories as they did with the BMW 5 Series GT. This is because some reports claim that a front drive crossover could be expected as well as a FWD MPV with the Bavarian Roundel on it.

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