May 23, 2024

Ford Fiesta facelift smacks of compact Aston Martin

It’s not like the Paris Motor Show is infamous for very small cars being released there but France certainly is known for its affection with the small hatchbacks. With that in mind, maybe the Ford Fiesta getting a facelift unveiled there isn’t such a bad idea. Not that it’s a bad idea but could the

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Fiat Strada pickup unveiled

The Europeans may not be as fascinated of the pickup idea as the Americans but every now and then each company makes a little one and it doesn’t do too bad. The latest in the line of compact pickups comes from Fiat, is called the Strada and will go on sale very soon, so they

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Dodge developing new compact, won’t be called Hornet

Dodge, actually Chrysler altogether, is hard at work on rebuilding a proper empire to snap at the other two of Detroit’s big three and, in doing so, they’ve made a bit of a discovery. Of all their issues with products lineup and the pipeline backing it up, the biggest is the fact that they don’t

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2012 Citroen C4 Aircross – the 4008’s brother

As we’re about to find out the PSA Group isn’t something easy to dismiss as an influence in the life of Citroen, Renault and Peugeot. While Renault are yet to announce their say on the matter, Citroen have taken their shot at a remake of the same Mitsubishi ASX Peugeot now call the 4008. The

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Peugeot 4008 unveiled

The French at Peugeot have made a name for themselves making small cars with mid-range models being average at best. Even though they’ve tried a few touches with higher segments such as the luxury limo situation, none of the Peugeot upclass products really took off. In hoping to fight off some of that bad luck,

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Dodge Caliber rumored to “die” before the end of the year

Even though it didn’t break the market wide open, the Dodge Caliber is quite the tempting car. It offers a higher ground clearance than most cars, it looks different and it comes with an incredibly small price tag. That said though, it might not be the same very soon. It’s not like Chrysler is thinking

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BMW Mini

BMW selling its soul to the FWD devil?

We already know that BMW is working on some sort of new front wheel drive car, but a recent rumor has enthusiasts almost livid. Before all is said and done, there are two sides of the story, and I do mean it. No matter how big a BMW enthusiast I may sometimes be I completely

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BMW Saab Spyker

Saab in discussion with BMW on 9-2 compact

The Swedish at Saab and their Dutch owners at Spyker have been looking for a partner to aid production of a modern Saab 92 and we now have a potential partner for the affair. The partners in question are the Bavarians from BMW.

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Spyker looking for funding for a compact SAAB

Yesterday Spyker cars made a very conforting announcement for SAAB fans. The loss-making Swedish brand bought from GM no more than two months ago now has it’s production back on track. Another interesting statement from the same announcement mentioned the supercar maker’s desire to create a compact SAAB.

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