June 16, 2024
Ferrari Tuning Videos

CDC Performance Ferrari California

Ferrari California by CDC Performance

There are those mornings where your e-mail address is possibly the least friendly thing on your computer. It reminds you of bills, how small your junk is or how you don’t have a girlfriend.

Sometimes however, some good stuff does sneak in. Today’s moment of joy came from the guys at CDC Performance. Not only did we get some awesome tuning news, we get to talk about a Ferrari.

Ferrari California by CDC Performance
Ferrari California by CDC Performance

The Ferrari in question is the California. An Italian car designed to cruise the Pacific Coast Highway, or something of the likes.

This is the stuff that really makes you hate me since it gives me the original impulse to pull a fake Italian accent and talk about passion and emotion.

Nobody wants that, especially when there’s some serious performance to talk about in this car, but just look at what the video is putting me through.

Ah well, the cross is mine to bare. In other news, the 4.3 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine is no longer naturally aspirated.

Add in a supercharger system which runs 0.38 bar of boost, and the output reaches 600 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque.

That should provide more than enough of a kick to “cruise” the Autobahn at around 180-190 mph, something which was nearly the top speed of the standard model.

Ferrari California by CDC Performance
Ferrari California by CDC Performance

In a chase for better stability and handling, the suspension was dropped by 40 mm all around yet they’ve kept the nose lift system for those unpleasant situations.

A new set of VSU FORGED alloys measuring in at 21/22 inches front and rear goes on for better looks and a custom exhaust is fitted for better sound (regardless of speakers).

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