Citroen Metropolis in the metal

Citroen have been recently showcasing drawings and renderings that took big luxury sedans to a new level in terms of looks.

Citroen Metropolis

Citroen Metropolis

The drawings and renderings in focus all featured one single name: The Metropolis.

Now though, we finally have some official photos of the real thing and i have to say, just… WOW. Still feeling reminiscent of the original drawings of the C6 and the remarkable similarity of the actual car, the live appearance of the Metropolis just makes you hope that big Citroens will once more roam the streets looking everything but German.

As always with big Citroen cars there is the amazing Hydractive suspension so comfort is key in any matter of driving conditions. Also underneath the amazing looking body there is a plugin hybrid layout that features a very special 2 liter V6 petrol engine, an electric motor and a seven speed dual clutch electronic gearbox. Probably some batteries in there as well. Citroen have published some performance figures but really, who cares?

What you may actually want to know is when you can see it yourself. Well, if you happen to be in the area when the French Pavilion at the Shanghai World Fair in China will be opened you better have your eyes ready because starting the 1st of May and until 31st October, 2010 that’s where this car will be seen.

Citroen Metropolis Citroen Metropolis Citroen Metropolis

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