April 24, 2024

Would You Drive a Laser-Like Jaguar?

We are living in a world where technology has improved our lives as well as our rides. Now we have the latest gadgets to 3D print a table, car or even a truck. But all these might be a thing of the past with the latest innovation that bears the signature of Jaguar automaker.

Jaguar have recently finished a daring project which would be displayed at Design Biennale event in London, which annually gathers designers and artists from more than 30 years to display their latest innovations in the auto industry and not only.

The Jaguar`s design team is led by Director of Design, Ian Callum, which has created the silhouette of a Jaguar model by making use of laser light technology. In fact, the whole purpose of this project is to highlight the automaker`s past, present and future.

But Callum better explained his team`s project in a recent interview:

“We are really excited to reveal our installation for the London Design Biennale and show visitors at Somerset House what a utopian future looks like to us at Jaguar. As well as presenting our own installation, we have the opportunity to learn from other artists around the world and see what they have to offer, which is both interesting and invaluable. The final element that will be revealed as part of the installation illustrates our vision for a future which provides a sense of spirit, movement and optimism.”

The project also represents an “utopian future” car, revealing Jaguar`s laser sculpture. During the event, Callum will also present a laser-powered light show with the carmaker`s futuristic models in terms of design and the company`s entire and impressive history.

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