June 25, 2024
Citroen Peugeot

e-HDi Technology revealed by PSA Group

PSA Group announced the introduction of the e-HDi new technology, to reduce consumption and emissions, on the majority of its diesel models. The French PSA group Peugeot Citroën has officially unveiled its first technology aggregate to reduce consumption and emissions, named e-HDi. The first information was offered to the public by Jean-Marc Gales, director of both French brands and Christian Chapelle, director of engine development PSA.

PSA e-HDi Engines

The new technology developed by French includes start&stop system of last generation, able to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 15%. It is associated with an recovery system used for braking energy, with a transmission with revised reports and a set of tires with low resistance at brake.

PSA e-HDi Engines

PSA Group will not stand too much thought, much of its range of models will take the e-HDi system by the end of 2010. The target of the management of the company is to sell one million vehicles equipped with e-HDi until 2013.

PSA e-HDi Engines

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