July 23, 2024

Fiat press release: Next-Generation Panda with Euro5 engines

The Italian manufacturer, Fiat, announced through a press release that the next generation Fiat Panda that is expected to debut next year will benefit from engines that meet the Euro5 reglementations regarding the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions.

Fiat Panda
Fiat Panda

We can take for example the entry-level unit, more exactly the 1.2-liter engine that is able to deliver 69 horsepower and keep the CO2 emissions at 113 g/km in order to match the Euro5 standards. A particle filter will be available for the top of the range engine, the 1.3-liter Multijet unit able to deliver 75 horsepower and a top speed of 165 km/h, thus, the unit will be able to keep the CO2 emissions at just 109h/km.

As I told above, the new generation Fiat Panda is expected to enter the automotive market somewhere in 2011, coming with several improvements, a wide bodypaint range to choose from and is seems, a wide range of engine, as the Italian manufacturer claims.

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