April 22, 2024

Football themed Hyundai I10

Hyundai I10 Football Theme

Since Hyundai is the official car supplier of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa they are eager to remind you that the countdown for the sporting event has started as the first kick-off is less than a month away.

Hyundai I10 Football Theme
Hyundai I10 Football Theme

That being said, Hyundai’s idea of reminding people about the most important event in global football is rather strange.

Not as a concept, but as a result, these cars are great on paper but not so good in real life. Maybe that’s just my view and it’s completely wrong but they are still worth a look at.

So here’s how these themed cars came to life: After being put through it’s paces by Jeremy Clarkson in one of his DVD Movies entitled “Duel” Hyundai gave the two small hatchbacks a makeover. Quite an interesting one at that as the small I10’s are now covered in artificial turf for a kick-off.

There’s more, there is an immense football (soccer) ball on top of them and the wheel hub caps are also styled to look like the same sorts of ball. Somehow, they’ve managed to fit goal posts, complete with net, on the bonnet and some pitch markings along them. As a nice detail, the outside of the side view mirrors is a football shoe lookalike.

The interior of the themed Hyundai I10 also got some of this World Cup treatment and my favorite bit of that is the “air freshener”.

Hyundai I10 Football Theme Hyundai I10 Football Theme Hyundai I10 Football Theme

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