May 25, 2024
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Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson accused of dropping an N-bomb

The Daily Mirror caused quite a stir recently, after accusing Top Gear presenter and famous journalist Jeremy Clarkson of being racist. If we are to believe the Mirror, Clarkson used the taboo n-word during the filming of a Top Gear episode. The response from the journalist was quick, as was the reaction of both his

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Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond fined in France

If we are to talk about world renowned and even respected car news presenters, then the guys from Top Gear could be considered somewhat the authority. And as much as we might like their reviews and test drives, one thing that always draws us back to their show is all the shenanigans they are up

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Land Rover

1.000.000th Range Rover goes to charity

The car that got it all rolling when it came to off-road, the car that took you off road with luxury and style, and the car that’s now better at both of these has a celebratory moment. Land Rover just built the 1.000.000th Range Rover and has an interesting way of celebrating this occasion.

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Football themed Hyundai I10

Since Hyundai is the official car supplier of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa they are eager to remind you that the countdown for the sporting event has started as the first kick-off is less than a month away. That being said, Hyundai’s idea of reminding people about the most important event in

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