June 19, 2024
General Motors

General Motors’ word on the IPO

General Motors Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre

The ever important word in recent months at General Motors, their Initial Public Offering has recently become an even more interesting to watch affair than it was not that long ago.

General Motors Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre
General Motors Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre

A few days ago, GM’s CEO, Ed Whitacre had a bit of a chat with a reporter from Reuters who got it out of him.

What did he get out of him? Well, that’ll be what the share cost will be for the company’s stock.

According to the CEO of the Detroit based company one can expect a cost per share somewhere between $20 and $25 but that’s not the end of the story.

In a recent report to come from the Securities and Exchange Commission that’s nearly accurate and they claim that the company’s IPO could take place in November.

So far so good, but the same report to come from this commission also mentions the fact that General Motors can’t yet make such confident announcements as their involvement into the success or availability by November of their Initial Public Offering.

So what we know so far is the fact that while a GM IPO will happen soon nothing’s certain, not even what the CEO has to say about it.

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