April 23, 2024

Graphics are getting big on the automotive market

Nissan Cube Graphics

After Ford sort of chipped away at the welcome and acceptance of graphics into the world of production cars with the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor other manufacturers steadily step into this area.

Nissan Cube Graphics
Nissan Cube Graphics

It seems that now Nissan is interested in the whole graphics bit available to the public via automotive manufacturers.

The Japanese went for a less serious approach than the Americans and it seems that they are seriously going for the urban proof award. The first model they’ll be giving they sticky vinyl treatment will be the Nissan Cube.

Shortly after, the Nissan Juke will be getting it’s “show” on. The ordering process and choice helping will be done by customers via the Nissan Graphics.

I for one think this isn’t good because it has the makings of a fad, fads annoy me. I just hope these graphics don’t take in as much success as those annoying LED daytime runnings lights.

Nissan Cube Graphics
Nissan Cube Graphics

If you’re interested in the fad but you don’t really know how this is going to happen or what will the warranty situation or the maintenance of the vinyls you should check out what Original Wraps has to offer for you as they are the company that teamed up with Nissan for this hole graphic stuff. Apparently you can get three years of life of this fad.

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