May 18, 2024

New 2019 Hyundai Veloster Spotted

The new generation Veloster seems to be more of an update to the essential parts, based on what the people regarded as strange or just simply didn’t like with the old rendition of the same vehicle. The 2019 Veloster seems to keep the shape intact. Modifications have been made to all the smaller details that

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2015 Audi A6 Lineup Exposed

The Audi German based automaker has recently unveiled the A6 facelift model lineup, all variants being announced with fine styling touches and some interesting upgrades at the powertrains. The 2015 Audi A6 in its lineup, comes with fresh single-frame radiator grille, new headlights and taillights, slightly revised bumpers, side sills as well as exhaust pipes.

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Audi R8’s 2013 facelift unveiled

Porsche may not be too happy about the introduction of the Audi R8 but the truth is that the Ingolstadt outfit have really hit the nail on the head with it. It’s a supercar, it looks very dramatic and can come with a frighteningly high price tag. On the brighter side, it’s incredibly reliable and

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BMW 6 Series now available with all wheel drive

Starting this month, BMW’s 2012 6 Series offers something that has recently felt at home with most luxury buyers of today. To begin with, it’s the very important (suddenly) all wheel drive offering. Since the introduction of the new F12 BMW 6 Series, the Bavarians have been promising and it’s finally available. Along side the

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Porsche’s 911 GT3 RSR is born again

Porsche have been making the 911 since forever basically, but in racing environments it hasn’t shown it’s age. The 911 GT3 RSR variant that was based on the 997 was however limping a bit so the Germans decided to update it if it was to compete in next years’ GT Championship.

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Bentley Luxury Cars Tuning

Anderson Germany create the Bentley Continental GT Elegance

Anderson Germany has never really been the sort of tuning company to slack of every now and then so they just came up with a new creation. The German tuner’s new angle aims to make the Bentley Continental GT Speed as bespoke as possible so they came up with a package called the Elegance Edition.

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The 2011 slightly updated Kia Sedona

I don’t think there’s a better way of putting it. Actually if there was a better way of highlighting the way Kia refreshed the Sedona for 2011 I would’ve probably stuck it to the title. In truth, the Korean family carriers does have quite a few changes. Subtle they may be but they’re there.

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Dodge Muscle Cars Tuning

SEMA: The old and new of the Dodge Challenger

SEMA finally opened its brand new 2010 Las Vegas shiny doors and revealed a few interesting things. Actually quite a lot of interesting things. One of the most interesting debuts to be seen at SEMA is the New Dodge Challenger’s makeover. It’s a custom creation that uses the 2010 Dodge Challenger as a base and

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Graphics are getting big on the automotive market

After Ford sort of chipped away at the welcome and acceptance of graphics into the world of production cars with the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor other manufacturers steadily step into this area. It seems that now Nissan is interested in the whole graphics bit available to the public via automotive manufacturers.

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2011 Lexus IS Receives Minor Facelift for Japan

Pending a recent review of a few brochures we’ve got some information on the Japanese domestic market version of the subtly refreshed 2011 Lexus IS sedan. From what we can make out so far both IS 250/350 JDM versions will receive some subtle styling changes but some more things hide underneath the cover.

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2011 Renault Latitude unveiled

The French over at Renault have officially unveiled their latest four door saloon today. The car is named the Latitude and the company released a few details on when and where you will be able to see the car before it hits the showrooms. The Renault Latitude will be officially revealed to the press in

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Jaguar XF Diesel S joins the force

The police force that is. The British police force that is, it kind of had to…really. The new Jaguar XF Diesel S will see service with the Central Motorway Police Group.

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