June 24, 2024
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How to Become a Better Disciplined Driver

Generally speaking, roads in U.S. and Canada are considered safe compared to, say, Southeast Asia. That’s because most drivers know what to do. However, North American roads are plagued by accidents, speeding, and drunk drivers too. Driver discipline, which indicates how good of a driver you are, is crucial to avoiding these common legal problems on the road.

When you take your driving lessons, you are given ample lessons on not just how to drive a vehicle, but also how to behave on the road. New drivers learn to follow road signs and respect other drivers on the road. This sound learning theory doesn’t always hold well in public. Even if you are an experienced driver, if you need to look up drinking and driving , then something has gone wrong.

Being a good driver by becoming more disciplined is just as important as improving your skills as a driver. The two does overlap. Here are several useful tips that would simply make you a better driver less prone to looking up :

Don’t Take Your Problems into the Car

We are told not to take our problems to school or work, lest they distract us from what really needs to get done. The same applies to driving. For experienced drivers, navigating a vehicle down a road is a near automatic activity. It’s easy to drift off on long trips because you are consumed by whatever’s going on at home or work.

This is a bad habit that would severely distract you on the road. Keep in mind, your reaction response only has so much time to make the car screech to a halt in front of a grandma crossing the road. Therefore, do try to keep a clear head when driving, even if you know the route. Vigilance is key to minimizing and preventing road accidents.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Tech

Modern vehicles come with all sorts of trappings originally designed to make driving easier. Think power steering and auto gear. Your modern vehicle is not just easy to drive, it’s easy to speed with as well. But don’t take tech like this to heart.

If you vehicle, like a Tesla, comes with features called “autopilot,” don’t assume that means the car can drive on its own. Despite of the many assistive features in modern vehicles, your car still needs your attention to be on the road. Keep that in mind, next time you think power steering will allow you to just look at your phone.

Be Empathetic Toward Other Drivers

If you get angry on the road, you won’t be the only driver. During rush hour, driving can truly be a test of patience. Regardless, responsible drivers are expected to pay attention to other drivers and be respectful.

You don’t have to tolerate every bad actor on the road. But sometimes you might have to be in the other driver’s shoes. Think twice before you make an angry gesture or try a dangerous overtaking just because you are irritated by the other person. Everyone’s inside a dangerous tin bucket on the road. That should be your primary concern.

Being alert on the road, being respectful and keeping a clear head are the foundations of disciplined driving. Some of these things the driving school can’t teach you. You must learn on your own to make roads safer.

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