June 25, 2024
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How to Handle Yourself When You Get Pulled Over

So you are driving down a highway and suddenly here sirens blaring. Out of nowhere, troopers pull up and orders you to pull over. This is not an uncommon situation in North America. Because of all-too common speeding and drunk driving, getting pulled over shouldn’t come as surprise.

It may sound normal when other drivers get pulled over, but the situation could become an absolute nightmare when you are the driver who gets pulled over. If it happens to you, reasonably or otherwise, you need to learn to handle yourself properly. Here are some tips:

Be Respectful to the Traffic Police

When you get pulled over, don’t’ question the police officer who does so. Losing your patience with a cop is never a good idea. It doesn’t matter whether you think you didn’t do anything wrong. Once the officer’s at your window, you must be as respectful as possible.

Do what the officer asks you to do. Don’t make any sudden movements and don’t give the indication of appearing uncooperative. If you think you are in serious trouble, particularly if you are a bit drunk, ask to call your .

Don’t Panic

It’s really important not to panic when you get pulled over. People who panic do stupid things. You may react badly, cry, or throw a fuss that could turn a routine traffic stop into a disorderly conduct arrest. So keep your wits about you. Keep in mind that this is a situation that can easily be handled.

Pay Attention to What You are Being Charged with

There’s usually a reason for getting pulled over, which the office must tell you. If it’s speeding, you may receive either a warning or a ticket. If it’s the latter, it’s important to note that some speeding tickets contain errors. So take note of the speed limits and driving speed at the time. If you can spot a discrepancy, you can contest the ticket in court and have it dismissed.

Don’t Try To Be Your Own Lawyer

You may know something-something about local traffic laws. But don’t make that into an excuse to give the police a piece of your mind. If you want someone to argue your case expertly, hire criminal lawyers in Toronto and leave the job to them.

Understand that you can be under the influence even if you are sober. The influence part in DUI really refers to both alcohol and marijuana. Some drivers are not aware of this fact and may try to stubbornly insist they are not drunk. These are the type of situations that can result in a rather serious offence.

You can certainly ask the officer questions regarding why you were pulled over and what’s going to happen now. Just don’t try to be the know-it-all reciting the law books back to the officer. It will not end well for you.

In conclusion, remember to stay calm and not freak out when you are pulled over. Do cooperate with the police but know that you can contact legal representation anytime. They key is to behave well, and the routine traffic stop would go well for you.

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