June 25, 2024

Infiniti has unveiled a special edition of FX

When it comes to promoting a premium product, most car manufacturers seem to prefer the same solution: launching a special edition. It is also the case of Infiniti, which acquainted us with FX Limited Edition, after almost a year from the launch of the largest and most expensive SUV marketed in Europe.

At the other hand, the fact that around the 21-inch rims “Turbine”, tinted exterior accents, compartment decorated with expensive leather, alcantara and carbon fiber and Bose audio system with 11 acoustic chambers will spin all the discussions on this car. Like any FX, Limited Edition is offered in two versions of engines – a V6 3.7-liter capable to develop 320 hp and a V8 5.0-liters capable to develop 390 hp -, both capable of providing car performance for sporting ambitions.

Only 100 units of FX Limited Edition will be produced, of which 18 are reserved for the UK market. If you have not started to make an order for the model dedicated to continental Europe (and do not bother with a car driving on the right), conclude by telling you that a FX37S it is proposed at a price of 55,855 pounds and its brother FX50S LE at a price of 62,035 pounds.

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