May 30, 2024
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Mercedes Blitzen-Benz Concept photos and thoughts

Few years ago, most people where launching electric concepts and now that this is starting to become reality, they are changing the situation starting to launch hydrogen cars but I think they should remain at the electric cars until there will be no car with a fuel consumption engine.

Anyway, this is a hydrogen concept car but I must admit that it looks awesome and that green – blue color really fits with the thing that it works on hydrogen. This concept is named Mercedes Blitzen-Benz and it is based on the original Mercedes Blitzen-Benz concept released a long time ago namely in 1909.

This car looks more like a dragster or a formula 1 car or both of them combined better said. Anyway, I don’t think that I will be soon able to say something like “in the next year, Mercedes Blitzen-Benz will become available on the market”, it will be a Sci-Fi car a long time.

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