April 16, 2024

New MINI vs. Monster commercial released

The British people from Mini decided to reveal a new commercial in order to promote the models range available right now, not just one model but the entire Mini family. Actually, the idea of the new commercial is that Mini’s range is getting bigger and bigger.

MINI vs. Monster commercial
MINI vs. Monster commercial

All the action takes place somewhere in a stadium where the driver of a monster truck is struggling to jump over Mini’s range, the British manufacturer outlining the variety of models they offer.

However, the most exciting and funny part of this commercial represent public’s reactions, from the audience present in the stands to the mascot but also to the people watching the attempt from home. In the end the British manufacturer ask us if the monster truck can really jump the whole Mini family outlining as we said below, that the Mini range will be extending more and more in the future. Here is the new commercial:

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