April 17, 2024
Porsche Tuning Videos

Porsche Panamera by Wald

Here comes a very interesting tuning. When I think about Porsche, I think about a very fast car, one that can reach high speeds and also one that doesn’t takes anything in serious, she just need to reach high speeds, and it does, but this tuning gives to this car a much serious aspect.

Is like dressing someone from pajamas to a very expensive costume. I don’t say that Porsche is not a cool car; actually it is a really cool car but not in the serious or business way. Unfortunately, the Japanese Wald designers didn’t reveal any much photos or details than the main photo.

As you can see, this Porsche Panamera by Wald comes with 4 doors in place of 2 as we get used from Porsche. I would love to see this car in action from a movie or a mini video from youtube or even a video game.

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