April 20, 2024

Smart ForTwo Commercial

Smart ForTwo

Short after announcing the production of Smart Jeremy Scott model, limited edition, the popular car maker announced a new project.

Also limited edition, the car concept showed this year at Geneva Motor Show is a Smart ForTwo unit wearing the signature of BoConcept.

Smart ForTwo
Smart ForTwo

In order to prep the field and catch the interest of the new Smart ForTwo model, the officials have started a marketing campaign centered so far on a hilarious commercial!

Making fun of Smart ForTwo’s strengths in terms of off road challenges, they show the little ladybug trying the impossible and naturally failing as it gets stuck too many times on the route.

Can you think of a better way of minimizing your faults other than screaming them aloud? Because this is what Smart ForTwo does with this catchy add – they admit they are far from being off-roaders and are actually proud with it!

Smart ForTwo
Smart ForTwo

But who says you need to be tough in order to drive like a kick? Smart ForTwo has already proved how good it is when it comes to making a path through crowded city streets and we love it just the way it is!


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