April 18, 2024
Mercedes Videos

Mercedes-AMG G63 Coming in New Commercial

The impressive Mercedes-AMG G63 is ending up in our news again in a new commercial which highlights the outstanding performance of the model. The new promotional with the Mercedes-AMG G63 is revealing the massive torque while riding some snowy roads and while being tested in some drifting sessions, along its fresh C63 sibling. The Mercedes-Benz

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Pagani Huayra and Pepsi in Commercial

A Pagani Huayra in blue finish was recently in the spotlights in a commercial along with the famous Pepsi Company in Milano, Italy. The Pagani Huayra seems to be very wanted in the US, after appearing on the screen on different occasions, as well as on the upcoming Transformers 4 movie. But until the upcoming

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Smart ForTwo Commercial

Short after announcing the production of Smart Jeremy Scott model, limited edition, the popular car maker announced a new project. Also limited edition, the car concept showed this year at Geneva Motor Show is a Smart ForTwo unit wearing the signature of BoConcept. In order to prep the field and catch the interest of the

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Mercedes Tuning

Mercedes Citan gets singled out by KTW Tuning

We don’t see them on the road that often. Oh no wait, they’re actually everywhere on the roads. There’s tons of vans everywhere, even if not this one. The Mercedes Citan has just barely entered production and will only be available starting next year but the guys at KTW Tuning reckon it will sell big.

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Scion announces killing off for two models

Scion is one of the companies riding the “magic” of the Toyobaru sports coupe. That’s great stuff, but not all news coming from them are the same. Toyota’s entry level brand for the young will soon kill off two of their models, the xD and the xB. Whereas the xD was not a commercial success

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Nissan’s 2012 commercial vehicles go graphic

You just know that when you’re talking about commercial vehicles drivers tend to be left out of the equation. I mean they get comfort and relatively simple operation but their daily drivers aren’t really exciting in any way shape or form. Not so if you’re planing on changing your commercial fleet to Nissan products. Go

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Lexus Toyota Videos

Lexus LFA engine note commercial

You may remember the announcement made yesterday that made it clear that Toyota have sold out all 500 units of the Lexus LFA. This hasn’t stopped them from releasing a commercial they must have been preparing for some time and I have to say I’m glad they didn’t decide to drop it.

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Maserati has a new commercial director in Modena

We all know Maserati has a great history when it comes to cars and also an ever changing history when it comes to ownership and management. The most recent change in the latter is concerning the company’s Italian headquarters and the job of commercial director in the Modena establishment. Mark McNabb has been Maserati North

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