May 30, 2024

Porsche Cayman to be unveiled next year with turbo power

The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show could get the chance to host the unveil a new Porsche product. After blowing everybody away with the 911, they might do the same with a smaller model. It could be the turn of the Porsche Cayman to stand out of the German manufacturer’s crowd in a new fashion. The

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Volkswagen Jetta U.S. engine to be replaced

Volkswagen is doing great pretty much all over the world, but the U.S. market is rather trickier than predicted and their Achilles’ heel for a number of reasons. One of these seems to be an issue with fuel economy. Despite plenty of efforts with clean diesel, gasoline powered models are still most popular in North

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Aston Martin

Rumor from the Aston Martin engine department

No matter how many Aston Martin Cygnet style workarounds you come up with, being an independent car maker which makes no engine that’s smaller than 4.3 liters does tend to catch up with you at one point or another. The British at Aston Martin seem to have realized that and there’s now a rumor going

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New Subaru Legacy B4 2.5GT tS – JDM

The Subaru Legacy has always been the sort of car that was so good almost nobody understood why but apparently this isn’t enough for the Japanese Domestic Market. Oh no, Subaru’s in-house tuner, STi, really went to town on the latest version of the discrete sedan and estate version to wear the Legacy name.

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