May 19, 2024
Bentley Luxury Cars Tuning

Amari Design truly improve the Bentley Continental GT

I tend to be annoyed when some tuning company sets up shop and in their enthusiasm end up ruining a perfectly good car. This doesn’t happen with Amari Design, a tuner that’s unheard of yet which came up with such an amazing kit for the Bentley Continental GT.

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Ferrari Tuning

Graf Weckerle’s Ferrari 599 Comte Noir edition

Someday it seems that there’s just no end to what tuning companies can do. If they’re German, their unthinkable designs seem that much crazier. This is par for the course in the case of Graf Wecerle’s Ferrari 599 Comte Noir edition.

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Aston Martin

First Aston Martin Rapide Saloons leave the factory

There’s quite a bit of a celebrative moment going on at Aston Martin‘s Magna Steyr operations in Graz, Austria as the first examples of the Rapide have left the compound. Aston Martin said that the Rapide will reach buyers and their 125 showrooms in 34 countries over the next few weeks.

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The fastest road going Ferrari unveiled

The 2010 Beijing Motor Show is when the latest Ferrari will be seen in the “flesh” but until then we have some photos and technical specs of the performance monster that is the Ferrari 599 GTO. This model will be relatively exclusive as Ferrari will only make 599… 599 GTOs so just the clients with

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