April 23, 2024

Pushing the Limits: Exploring the TopSpeed and Acceleration of Lamborghinis

Unleashing Lamborghinis’ Top Speed and Acceleration There is nothing quite like the feeling of your stomach lifting into your chest and your body being pressed firmly into your seat as you accelerate at an unimaginable speed.Very few cars are fast enough to provide such a feeling to drivers and passengers alike, but those that can

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Other News

Australia: This Is KTM`s New X-Bow GT with Impressive Sprint

KTM is the Austrian carmaker that built the famous X-Bow R, a hardcore sports car capable of fast acceleration, increased downforce and impressive aerodynamics. However, the maker has recently announced the arrival of a more potent variant in Australia. It is all about the X-Bow GT, much more expensive than the R`s price tag ($169,990)

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Featured Tesla

Tesla Model S P100D Is the Fastest Production Sedan in the World

The North American based Tesla carmaker is currently producing the most advanced electric cars and hybrids in the world, with basically no direct competitors for all its models whatsoever, except for the i3 and i8 from BMW. But even so, they are way ahead their time with exquisite drivetrains. Such an extraordinary car is the

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Video: Kia Prepares Fastest Model on Track – 2018 Kia GT

There are a lot of carmakers that prepared special models to hit the Ring to achieve impressive acceleration and attempting to brake different lap records. Kia is one of them with the all-new 2018 KIA GT, which is said to be the fastest production model released by the South Korean carmaker. Following a first video

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Ford Escape under NHTSA investigation

Ford’s success in sales is hard to fight against. The Blue Oval is shifting metal like hot cakes and everybody else is angry about it. The only thing they got going for them is that Ford is in pretty unpleasant situations with the number of recalls their products are facing. History seems to be constantly

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Koenigsegg makes some bold claims on the Agera R

The times when Sweden used to make simple sensible cars, safe cars, boring cars. Saab is dying out, Volvo is making sporty German fighting saloons and most of the automotive headlines there are grabbed by a small company called Koenigsegg. This small company is worth watching out for since they make very few cars but

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Honda rumored to be working on a hybrid bike

The Japanese at Honda seem to be around the rumor pot a lot lately and even though it’s not clearly apparent, they can’t really be blamed for idle hands. The latest of uncertain news is regarding one of Honda’s premier products, not exactly the four wheeled variety, but still interesting.

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2012 BMW 6 Series finally launched

The long awaited replacement of BMW’s 6 Series is finally revealed by the Bavarians in all its glory, and bulk. If you ever wanted a 2011 BMW 5 Series for all of its technical greatness and badge appeal without needing four doors here it is.

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Nissan Tuning

Nissan give us the times on the 2012 GT-R

After seeing the captivation people have with the 911 GT2 RS and it’s tuning versions, Nissan took a deep breath and told us about the new specs of their 2012 GT-R. The 2012 Nissan GT-R serves up apparently modest changes but all of those added together make for a big difference.

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NHTSA says Toyota’s acceleration problems caused 89 deaths

The title pretty much says it all as a recent report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Toyota vehicles were involved in unintended acceleration accidents that have totalled 89 deaths since 2000. This figure is a worryingly increase compared to the previously reported figure of 52 fatalities due to the issue.

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The 2011 Lotus Elise S is the answer

Well at least when it comes to fuel economy it is, the latest offering from Norfolk has been rated at 46.7 mpg highway upon testing in the EU cycle. This figure is not that impressive when compared to a new generation hybrid or even certain diesel engines but none of those can offer the same

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