June 18, 2024

NASCAR vs. Formula 1: A Battle to be the Most Popular in the American Market

As Formula 1 grows in popularity in the United States of America, just like the best online casinos, arguments over which category of racing is better and which is more popular will increase. In motorsports, data is everything, and the data doesn’t lie. NASCAR is a privately owned company, so specific financial data is not

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Audi S4 and S5 to drop manual gearboxes

Petrolheads generally lose a little bit of their heart inside when news of a beloved car maker dropping the manual gearbox come in. If that manufacturer is Audi however, I doubt too many people would mind. It’s not because Audi doesn’t make good manual gearboxes or any technical reason, but because of modern conditions. The

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BMW X1 closer to U.S. market, not quite there yet

The Germans must still be smarting a little bit over whatever happened back in the Second World War, especially since the Americans sort of intervened on the whole situation. Why would I say that? Because the 2011 BMW X1, a very attractive model from Bavaria seems to be reluctant towards appearing on the U.S. market.

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s U.S. return to be helped along by the 4C GTA

The Italians at Alfa Romeo came up with a promise to make a return to the U.S. market but since then, they’ve been seriously taking their time to do so. Our latest of news see them pushing the date back to 2013, don’t worry though, there is some softener with that blow.

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Honda’s CR-V is scheduled to be replaced this fall

The Japanese at Honda don’t really make exciting cars any more, they do however manage to come up with reliable, pleasant ones though. Perhaps the most pleasant of them all is the good old Honda CR-V. And that’s the problem, the CR-V is now getting close to the same age as the average Honda driver.

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Mini rumored to offer a better choice of diesel in the U.S.

After having a stab at the Fiat 500, the British at Mini have quite a few promises made for the U.S. market. In an ever expanding lineup the diminutive brand plans to bring quite the promise to the Americans in terms of engine power but especially in the torque department.

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Toyota is rumored to be pondering a Prius pickup

Ok, go on, have your laugh, I just said there’s a rumor going round that Toyota may want to build a Prius pickup. On a serious note the rumor in regards to the Japanese rumor spreaders may actually have something going on.

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Chevrolet Muscle Cars

So far Chevrolet Camaro sold mostly in black and with V8 engines

The first data on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro’s sales have come in and apparently black is the most favored color among buyers. As to be predicted, the V8 engined version accounts for most of the sales.

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