April 24, 2024
Mercedes Tuning

Mercedes Citan gets singled out by KTW Tuning

We don’t see them on the road that often. Oh no wait, they’re actually everywhere on the roads. There’s tons of vans everywhere, even if not this one. The Mercedes Citan has just barely entered production and will only be available starting next year but the guys at KTW Tuning reckon it will sell big.

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Ford gives F-150 mild update for 2012

Ford and their F-150 may be ahead, but they aren’t backing down. According to the most recent of press releases from the Blue Oval, their star pickup is going to get a few changes so it welcomes 2012’s arrival. None of these changes are very big, but some of them make a huge difference so

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Ford Tuning

Ford Focus RS gets Project Kahn refresh

With the brand new 2012 Ford Focus coming in stronger and stronger with the ST version on the way and with who knows how many other versions just around the corner, some may feel their former top of the line model is left behind. Fear not you “poor” Ford Focus RS owners, the British working

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Mercedes aims the new A Class at younger audience

Mercedes used the weekend well, they thought about what to do with the future version of the A Class, and as a result we now have quite a bit of information on it. Using the Mercedes-Benz Concept A Study we can clearly preview the appearance of this next generation but looks don’t tell the whole

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