April 17, 2024

Model X forces Tesla to look for more money

Money talks… no matter how much of an electric revolutionary company you are, you need to have some. There’s no other company to prove this better than Tesla. They brought a totally new meaning to what electric can be in a car, be it sporty or luxurious or anything in between despite having quite a

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Volvo C30 Electric gets a possible lease

Whoever said the Swedish are sensible people had obviously hadn’t heard about what they plan to do with the brand new C30 Electric. Environmental friendliness may be considered big by the people who have a “green” disposition but Volvo rate it at a lot more than that.

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Electric Drive Smart ForTwo goes “on sale” next year

Smart came along quite some time ago promising to be at the edge of city usability of a car. Since lately people seem to think electric is the way to go the Mercedes sub-brand got with the program. What we have here is the second generation of that program, the 2012 Smart ForTwo ED (electric

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Chevrolet General Motors

GM sets EV Sail for China

Leaving away some of the title opulence, General Motors isn’t going to sail off to China for EV considerations but they have revealed a new concept on the matter. Probably aimed at China, what we have here is the GM Sail EV Concept. It looks rather well, but then again, most concepts do so let’s

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