April 22, 2024
Tesla Tuning

How about a Chrome Tesla Model S with Artisan Spirits Body Kit?

It`s not every day we get to see a properly customized Tesla Model S but when we do encounter one on the web we immediately check it out to see what makes it that special, particularly if we are dealing here with a standout and eye-catching body wrap. And yes, when I first saw it,

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Ford Muscle Cars

2015 Ford Mustang Bullit

The Ford American based manufacturer is well-famous for delivering special Mustang editions, especially now, when the auto maker has rendered the Bullit version. The Ford Mustang bares the Bullit name, perhaps after the famous Dark Highland Green Mustang Fastback seen in the Bullit movie, back in 1968, the car being rendered in a high-speed chase

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2013 VW Beetle Fender edition unveiled

Hipsters everywhere unite, Volkswagen have just announced the cart that’s simply made for you; it’s the 2013 Beetle’s Fender edition. Normally, Fender is a legend in the world of guitars so you’d think this special edition would be aimed precisely at them but that’s far off the case. After having originally designed with that idea

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Smart Tuning

Vilner squares up Smart ForTwo

Vilner, the still to establish themselves Bulgarian tuners are well on their path towards doing so, especially given this new creation of theirs. Bearing in mind it mixes two humble ideas, the one of the diminutive sized Smart ForTwo and the concept of a square they did admirably well.

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Dodge Muscle Cars Tuning

SEMA: The old and new of the Dodge Challenger

SEMA finally opened its brand new 2010 Las Vegas shiny doors and revealed a few interesting things. Actually quite a lot of interesting things. One of the most interesting debuts to be seen at SEMA is the New Dodge Challenger’s makeover. It’s a custom creation that uses the 2010 Dodge Challenger as a base and

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Renault Wind pricing in France

Early September, the Renault Wind will hit French showrooms with two equipment levels and pricing starting at 17.500 euros. The Renault Wind was launched back in March at the Geneva Motor Show and it seems to be one fast moving launch.

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