July 24, 2024
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SEMA: The old and new of the Dodge Challenger

Radiantz inc Dodge Challenger

SEMA finally opened its brand new 2010 Las Vegas shiny doors and revealed a few interesting things. Actually quite a lot of interesting things.

Radiantz inc Dodge Challenger
Radiantz inc Dodge Challenger

One of the most interesting debuts to be seen at SEMA is the New Dodge Challenger’s makeover. It’s a custom creation that uses the 2010 Dodge Challenger as a base and the old first generation as an inspiration source.

This particular custom muscle car creation is the work of Radiatnz Inc. The Radiantz Inc Dodge Challenger, features all of the technical details and the underpinnings that can come with the new Challenger.

But get past the drivetrain, suspension, gearbox and engine (and it really doesn’t matter what sort of engine you get) and you find that the Radiantz Inc Dodge Challenger has a “classy” vinyl roof top, a lot of chrome fittings on the bumpers and various bits of trim. But it’s not just an old school throwback.

The Dodge Challenger with Radiantz Inc tuning also features modern accessories such as LED daytime running lights, optic fiber parts and all that technical mish-mash nobody can live nowadays without.

Overall this is a very interesting creation to come from SEMA this year.

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