April 24, 2024

2013 Lexus ES wins out NHTSA crash tests

Wins out might not be the best way of putting it. Let’s say that the 2013 Lexus ES managed to survive quite well. It did so at a crucial point in its life, namely the one when the NHTSA was testing its safety credentials and recording every result. When the scores were totaled up, the

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Other News

Latin NCAP runs first crash tests, reports worrying results

Latin New Car Assessment Program or better-known Latin NCAP ran the first crash tests for the vehicles sold in Latin America’s emerging markets and obtained worrying results in terms of safety. It seems that most of the models sold in the respective market have critical safety issues and offers minimal protection in case of an

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2011 Kia Optima gets 5 Stars from the NHTSA

Safety matters and safety sells. This is something the engineering squad behind the 2011 Kia Optima took into serious consideration. Now we have proof of that as the NHTSA testing system just awarded the Korean sedan a maximum five star rating which means that if crashing is your passion, this is the car to go

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Ford Videos

VIDEO: Please, Slow Down!

Here is the difference of a plus 5 km/h in case of an accident. The black vehicle travel by 60 km/h, while the gray with 65 km/h. Australian researchers shows us that only 5 km/h in addition may be the difference between a small dab and a more serious accident. Professor Ian Johnston from Monash

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Five stars for Ford Taurus at safety tests

New Ford Taurus does not really need to get an award before you can be sure of how skilled is in the sector of safety, but it’s good that this fact is alsoconfirmed officially. So, recently, the Taurus received from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) five stars for driver and front passenger, as well

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