May 23, 2024

Expanded Leipzig Plant Set to Skyrocket Porsche Macan`s Production

Porsche has been dealing with the development of the Leipzig plant for more than two years now, with huge investments from the German supercar manufacturer. We are talking about 500 million euros to be invested in the plant`s construction and expansion. Now, with the plant being opened on February 11, the Porsche`s aim is to

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2012 BMW M5 can be all wheel drive

Before purists and //M fanatics start carpet bombing my house, do note that the title is not a definite. It seems like the Bavarians have another surprise in store for those who are interested in the 2012 BMW M5, they are working on a special drivetrain option.

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Nissan Leaf production is too slow

Nissan may have refined the EV technology to the point where the Leaf is actually a viable and usable vehicle in the real world but they still have some problems. And according to the latest announcement to come from the Japanese, Nissan’s biggest problem with the Leaf EV is making it fast enough.

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Ford’s plans for hybrids and EVs

According to a recent statement by spokesmen from Ford Motor Company we could be expecting that by 2020 up to 25% of the company’s global sales to be hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles, or any combination of these technologies. Nancy Gioia, Ford’s director of global electrification is the author of this statement but he also

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50% of the MP4-12C buyers will be European

Well, at least that’s what McLaren is telling us about their expectations from their latest supecar, the MP4-12C’s clientele. The statement according to which 50% of the demand for the McLaren MP4-12C is going to come from Europe belongs to Antony Sheriff McLaren Automotive Managing Director.

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Four Honda plants in China closed due to strikes

The growing labor issues in China have hit home and Japanese car maker, Honda is the first victim of the situation. Yesterday, May 29th, Honda had shut all four of its Chinese plants as a result of massive strikes of company employees.

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Chrysler Lancia

Lancia comes together with Chrysler

Yesterday, Fiat has had a presentation of it’s five year business plan has been full of surprises, one of which was Montezemolo resigning from his position as Fiat SpA chairman. Another unexpected piece of news from this presentation was in publishing the decision that would solve how the group will handle the selling and marketing

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