April 18, 2024

Cadillac ATS-V in the works, powered “only” by 6 cylinders

GM and Cadillac have given us so many ups and downs over the years it’s almost difficult to trust everything they say but with this one there’s that good feeling. It seems like Cadillac’s latest creation, the ATS will get something very special added to the mix, a “V” version, and the company is so

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2012 Mercedes E63 AMG gets an engine downsize in New York

Unlike Chrysler, the Germans at Mercedes are more open to bringing engine downsizing to the market and to their performance models. This is why one of their most important exhibits at the New York Auto Show held the latest model of the 2012 Mercedes E63 AMG, one with a smaller engine.

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Chrysler’s SRT division’s take on downsizing

Pending a period of economic well fare and general acceptance of luxury, just about every single car on the market grew in size and engine displacement. The current climate seems to be pushing things the other way and, for once, Chrysler’s SRT division seems to agree. But not entirely.

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2012 Audi A6 gets 2 liter engine in the U.S.

Nearly everywhere you go in the automotive business you’ll get to see downsizing of engines, mostly for economical and ecological concerns. This reaches out even to the business sector and worse still (in their imagination) to the Americans, as Audi will now demonstrate.

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General Motors

GM’s plans for dealer network

The plans General Motors had installed for their dealer network have been slightly altered but are still headed for downsizing and, with this in mind, 900 GM dealerships have received a stay of execution from the company. According to Mark Reuss, GM North America President the schedule at the moment calls for approximately 5000 dealers

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