April 22, 2024

Toyota unveils 2012 Le Mans racer

With the 24 hours of Le Mans creeping up on us, manufacturers are starting to make claims about their cars and even unveil them. In the ambitious return segment for this year we find Toyota with their recently spotted 2012 Le Mans racer. Back then, a couple of photos were the only available, now we

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Peugeot cancelled their Le Mans program

In what can only be described as a surprise and a bit of a shock for the world of motorsport fans, the French at Peugeot have announced something sad today. Peugeot is closing its Le Mand 24 Hour project and all endurance racing efforts it entices. The move is effective immediately. Such a 180 decision

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McLaren’s MP4-12C has first encounter with endurance racing

McLaren’s latest big boy toy has had its first serious encounter with the world of endurance racing at the 24 hours at Spa. The British company announced somewhat gingerly that they would take their racing converted MP4-12C in the GT3 class the past weekend. Even though none of the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 units that raced

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Nissan teases Le Mans return

At a time when most Japanese manufacturers are winding down their motorsports programs, Nissan decided to spruce up their own and make a return to endurance racing, particularly at Le Mans. While nothing focusing on the famous French 24 hour race has been said, Nissan is telling us they are going to enter the LMP2

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Rumor from Le Mans, Audi switching to R18

The Le Mans series is one of the best efforts in motorsport any automotive company can undertake. Because of the endurance situations engineering is stressed to the maximum but because of the racing environment performance is equally as important.

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