April 22, 2024
BMW Ferrari

V12 powered Ferrari Enzo replica up for sale on eBay

Back throughout history, the Germans and Italians have had a few collaborations. They didn’t always end well. In the present, things are a bit different. Audi have shown us that they can work with the Italians to create some stunning results. Question is, can these fragile relations be improved upon by a fan of Ferrari?

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Ferrari Gallery

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo is one of the most important models within the Maranello-based manufacturer’s range and also bears the name of the company’s founder. The Italian model is available only as two-seat Berlinetta and entered production in 2002 with a limited run of only 400 units. The sports car packs a 6.0-liter V12 engine delivering 660

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Ferrari Supercars

Ferrari’s take on the role of hybrids

Due to tightening emissions legislation, to political climate and to overall economics situations it is becoming harder and harder for traditional sports cars manufacturers to keep producing at their best focused capacity. These are the issues that are becoming an ever more problematic situation for manufacturers such as Ferrari.

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The 599 GTO is sold out!

Remember the Ferrari 599 GTO unveiling? It took place just a little over a week ago but apparently that is about enough time to sell nearly 600 cars for the Prancing horse. Yes, this is not a joke, the fastest road going Ferrari sold out in just a few days. Apparently in the process Ferrari

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Ferrari Tuning

Ferrari Enzo tuning kit by Gemballa

Ferrari Enzo received another tuning kit, this time from German specialists in change of Porsche models – those from Gemballa. German tuners from Gemballa, specialized in Porsche models modifications, have created an extreme package for Ferrari Enzo. The result is called MIG-U1 and looks great. Ferrari Enzo was completed modified at exterior and interior and

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