May 18, 2024

Kia Soul Hamstar will soon come to public view

Kia’s Soul is a pretty nice car as far as the technical aspect is concerned and it’s nothing short of epic as far as the cult movement behind it is. By cult movement I mean youngsters looking for a cool and cheap car that can carry at least one keg to whatever party the destination

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Toyota’s electronics not responsible for massive recall

I hate Toyota’s attitude with the unintended acceleration recall and no matter what comes about, that’s not going to change very soon. Something was in the running, the NHTSA’s 10 month long safety probe could have had the answer to why the unintended acceleration happened and may have cleared the Japanese.

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Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan probed for sticky accelerators

Remember the times when Toyota’s recall, sticky accelerators and floor mats problems were grabbing headlines left and right? Well, of course you do, because it wasn’t that long ago, to be honest, and there are still some lawsuits looking over this particular issue but it’s not over. Oh no, there’s more bad news to come

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