May 28, 2024

Cadillac XTS debut officially announced

After touting quite a few horns about it to the motoring press, it’s time Cadillac took its XTS and sent it into battle with its fists in the air and looking for a score to settle. That score is with the evergreen Lincoln Town Car and the business-like market it has been dominating since… well,

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Chevrolet Muscle Cars

Chevrolet Camaro gets into the drag life with the COPO Concept

The Chevrolet Camaro often manages to fall to the end of the line when it comes to performance aspects but this particular SEMA presence is not staying with the pack. Called the Chevrolet Camaro COPO Concept, it is an adaption of the infamous pony car that pays no attention to anything other than the critical

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Chevrolet sends Corvette buyers back to school

Chevrolet had a bit of inspiration in the beginning of 2011 and decided some life saving is in order among future Corvette owners. Sounds amazing and marketing-wise all the way but it actually makes a lot of sense but in actual fact, for a limited time, Chevrolet Corvette are offering free driving lessons.

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Chrysler Dodge Muscle Cars Tuning

The best Chrysler has to offer, the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

When you are a Chrysler fan and you find that they’re bringing a Fiat to SEMA you can’t help but be disappointed. Of course, Chrysler is aware of such a situation so they’re also going to be bringing some interesting stuff over to the infamous Las Vegas tuning show.

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Ford Tuning

Ford teases SEMA presence

The SEMA show in Las Vegas is definitely not the sort of event one of the biggest manufacturers in America could be missing so Ford is coming and coming strong. And just to spice things up that little bit more, the advertising team at Ford decided to out a few shots of the pickups they’ll

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