June 15, 2024

Toyota reckons the Prius will sometime be number 1

After cherishing the recent sales success of the Toyota Prius, the Japanese have just announced that they think their hybrid synergy drive vehicle can make it to first place. That’s right, Toyota consider that their hybrid will be its top-selling U.S. vehicle sometime soon.

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The US luxury market: Mercedes is the new leader

I’m not entirely convinced about Mercedes’ new policy on reliability, image and the sorts but it seems that the majority of people is. I’m only saying this because US sales of the German three point star have risen so much they over took the arch-rivals at BMW and recently even the long reigning Lexus.

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Mulally versus Ford investors

Ford Motor Company’s annual shareholders meeting hosted a very positive speech on the behalf of the company CEO, Alan Mulally. Mulally stated that Ford will have a “solidly” profitable result coming out of 2010 and that 2011 will bring along a “continuing improvement”.

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Audi BMW Mercedes

New sales figures report

The first quarter of 2010 is full of surprises, after Toyota having reported an increase in sales, a new one is coming from Germany. Audi outsold Mercedes for the first time ever. While this is a surprise, the fact that BMW are still number one isn’t.

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