May 30, 2024

BMW’s long wheel base 3 Series finally spied

BMW makes a great lineup of cars. Sometimes they mess up with half breeds but generally, their offerings are above average. One of the somewhat un-natural models is expected to be quite a hit on the biggest car market out there right now and in the nearby future, China. I’m talking about the BMW 3

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Luxury Cars Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce planning on extending Ghost lineup

I guess the British have realized somewhere along the way that having just one product to live on isn’t that great business even if that one product is very expensive. So then Rolls Royce came up with the Ghost, a smaller version of their luxury barge destined to boost sales.

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Bentley Luxury Cars Porsche

Rumor on Porsche and Bentley

Don’t you just love it? Not even on Black Friday is somebody to busy to come up with an interesting rumor. This time, there’s word going round that Porsche and Bentley could end up working together.

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Mercedes Benz E Class long wheel base launched

Another launch from the Beijing Auto Show revealed the long wheel base version of the 2009 Mercedes E Class. The latest addition in terms of options to Mercedes W212 lineup features a simple figure being changed, the length of the car has grown by five and a half inches.

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