May 28, 2024

Morgan EvaGT gets delayed

The British at Morgan are pretty much the most conservative car maker you can find around the modern automotive world so the world is about to be shaken. This is because they’ve announced quite some time ago a chance at a new model and it seems like they’ll actually be making the EvaGT. The only

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Skoda’s future of design seen in Geneva

Czechoslovakia must not be a country where people fool around because after promising a new concept for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Skoda actually came up with it. Here it is and it’s called the Vision D. Since the name does tend to tip people off let’s just say that it’s more of a design

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Dodge Muscle Cars Tuning

SEMA: The old and new of the Dodge Challenger

SEMA finally opened its brand new 2010 Las Vegas shiny doors and revealed a few interesting things. Actually quite a lot of interesting things. One of the most interesting debuts to be seen at SEMA is the New Dodge Challenger’s makeover. It’s a custom creation that uses the 2010 Dodge Challenger as a base and

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Ford Thunderbird revived as a Hardtop Roadster

In fairness, while the title may excite some, it’s not completely accurate the long line of T-Birds is pretty much done for. While this is a sketch for now, it is most likely that it will remain a sketch forever as Ford has no official plans on it.

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